Mid-Term Test Introduction to the Study of English Literature Poetry

Here is my 2004 Mid-Term Test for the course Introduction to the Study of English Literature Poetry. As Post-it for later;

NB: To pass this test, you need to gain 12 points out of 36 points possible. If you fall, 5 points will be deduced from your result in the final test.

I. TERMINOLOGY [8 points]

For each of the following terms, give the corresponding English or German term:
1. Literaturwissenschaft
2. subplot
3. Regieanweisungen
4. Guckkastenbühne
5. Lyrik
6. unzuverlässiger Erzähler
7.. identical rhyme
8. Vorausdeutung

II. WHO SAID? [2 points]

“The Empire writes back with a vengeance”. ________________
‘”The Kind died and then the Queen died’ is a story.” ________________

III. Which of the following are constituents of the “Freytag-Dreieck”? [4 points]

( ) chorus ( ) catastrophe
( ) aside ( ) rising action
( ) Tperipety ( ) exposition
( ) mimesis ( ) props


l. Arrange the following literary periods in chronological order (starting with the earliest
one). [2 points] Victorianism, Restoration, Post-Modernism, Old English, Romanticism
2. Give the names of two critical approaches to literature. [2 points] 3. Name two subgenres of narrative texts [l point].
4. Define me the terms “homodiegetic narrator’ and “heterodiegetic narrator’, respectively. [2 points] 5. Who developed the terminology which includes the terms’homodiegetic’and ‘heterodiegetic’? [l point] 6. Give the terms for the two possible ways in which a piece of fiction can begin. [l point] 7. What is meant by “word scenery’? [l point] 8. Name the three unities of drama. [l point] 9. What does the secondary text of a play comprise? [l point] 10. Name two functions of the setting in fiction. [2 points] 11. Give two of the typical narrative situations distinguished by Stanzel. [l point]

V. POETRY [7 points]

l . What does poetry foreground? [2 points] 2. What kind of rhyme is characteristic of Old English poetry? [l point] S
3. Give the English term for the rhyme pattern represented by aabccb. [l point] 4. Identify the rhyme formed by the words underlined. [l point] Tusnelda zeigt mir ihre Blouse
Ihres Körpers neues House.
Sie erschien mir wie die Düse
Wunderschön: Applaus, Applaus!
5. Define consonance and give an example. [2 points]