Ireland – Language Revivals and Language Policies

Aus dem Proseminar: Politics and Society in Ireland im Sommersemester 2005 an der Technischen Universität Chemnitz. Von Heiko Schmieder. ContentIntroduction / What is language ? History of Irish Language Qualitative Results: Society and Politics Quantitative Results: Census Conclusion Bibliography1. Introduction / What is language ? Joshua A. Fishman wrote in his book “Can… Weiterlesen
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Mid-Term Test Introduction to the Study of English Literature Poetry

Here is my 2004 Mid-Term Test for the course Introduction to the Study of English Literature Poetry. As Post-it for later;NB: To pass this test, you need to gain 12 points out of 36 points possible. If you fall, 5 points will be deduced from your result in the final test. I. TERMINOLOGY [8… Weiterlesen